Mercy Kids

In 2006, Emerson and Velda visited Mercy Orphanage and first met a group of kids that they reunited with in 2010.  Emerson and Velda have been supporting about a dozen kids since 2010.  They have supported and watched them grow in their education.  Each has finished high school nine and are now working towards careers through university schooling.  CROSSING BOUNDARIES PROVIDES THEIR TUITION, BOOKS, SCHOOL FEES, AND ROOM AND BOARD  -- WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP?

God has had a hand in each of their lives over the years.  They are all followers of Christ and have a personal relationship with him.      The  picture below  is  of  Emerson,  Velda  and  Caren,  a  Mercy  kid  we  had  the  incredible  blessing  of  giving  away  in  marriage  in  July  2019.

Precious Kids Center

Located in Kitale, Kenya, the Precious Kids Center serves children with disabilities to provide the support they need to learn, grow, and reach their full potential.  Each child is cared for according to their individual needs.  PKC also works to educate parents and the community to be more accepting and supportive of children with disabilities.  

In this loving environment, every child receives proper nutrition, clean clothes, and a warm bed.  These are basic essentials that many of these children have never experienced before coming to live at PKC.  

When a child is brought into the Center, they are given a full check-up with a pediatrician so that they can start effectively treating any illnesses immediately.  If the doctor recommends any scans or testing, the child is driven to a hospital over an hour and a half away to ensure the child is given the utmost care.  

PKC provides all types of medical care from treating colds to administering daily epilepsy medications.  They also have a social worker that provides guidance and counseling and helps the through any past or present challenges that they are facing.  Along with a social worker they have a therapist that comes to the center twice a week.  He provides physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy exercises.    

In addition, PKC provides schooling to the kids with disabilities, as well as the kids in the surrounding community.  Schooling includes feeding these children twice a day.  


How can you help?

Your donations will go towards helping Precious Kids Center educate, feed and care for children with disabilities and community children.  It will also help the Mercy kids to further their university educations so that they can earn careers and support themselves in a few years.  

Our work with young women, Stitches and Beads

The shortage of sanitary products for young women in Kenya is nothing short of devastating. These girls are publicly shamed for their menstrual cycles and often choose to skip weeks of school to avoid embarrassment. Watch this impactful video for insight into this real problem and how we're working to change their lives for the better.


A Mercy Wedding


One of the Mercy Kids - Caren got married to Joseph this past summer.   They now have a new son named Emerson.