Medical Support

Sister Freda, Saida, Emerson and Velda Rickstrew

Medical Supplies

Crossing Boundaries provides medical supplies with the donations from people like you!  Help us purchase the vital necessities to treat the various diseases, malnutrition, and injuries that are common areound Kenya.  Donations in any amount help a great deal.  

Sister Freda's Medical Center

Sister Freda was the top nurse in the best hospital in Kitale, Kenya when she decided she needed to help the people in the villages outside of Kitale.  She would drive past people crawling on their hands and knees trying to get the local government care facility because they couldn't afford a bicycle taxi.  She would often times pass these same people on her way home and see that they had died on the side of the road trying to get to medical help.  

It was then that she decided to open a clinic in Birunda Village.  What started as a two-room medical clinic has grown into a compound that not only tends to the people's medical needs, but also feeds hundreds of people two meals a day.  She also has a nursing school, which is filled to capacity, and a girl's high school.  

Sister Freda only charges her patients what they are able to pay.  She always puts their health and lives first.  Sister Freda has been helping the people of Kenya for over 25 years.  She has helped innumerable people and delivered thousands of babies that would not have survived a troubled delivery in a mud home by untrained hands.  

The child pictured to the left is Saida.  Emerson rescued her from a mud hut in the slums of Kipsongo.  She had no family caring for her and was sick with malaria, typhoid and parasites.  Emerson and Velda took her to Sister Freda.  Saida is now attending a boarding school close to Sister Freda's compound.  She is a healthy, bright young girl.

How Can You Help?


Your gifts to Freda's work go directly to providing needed medications, medical supplies, tools for surgery, food and a women's maternity ward. 

Please help us support Sister Freda and her much needed care facilities.  Her clinic has helped thousands of Kenyans.